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Monday, September 12, 2011

Guardians at the Gate

In keeping with my vision of the car on the hillside, staring down into a valley full of activity with green lights clearing the way, my card reading today tells me this  . . .

1) This is a time of transition and irrevocable change. The change should be approached carefully and prayerfully but with a trusting heart.
2) Energy needed to accept this change is blocked, but will inevitably clear.
3) The process of clearing will be enhanced by accepting this as a time of harvest, releasing the past, and taking strength from the present.
4) As for the process of release, the key to doing this in a way that is smooth for us is entirely personal. There is no right way. This is a moment in time at which we are confronting ourselves and learning from what we find.

Personally, I found this reading to be simultaneously accurate, comforting and jarring. Seeking peace, I pulled one more card and found it in the visage of my old pal Solus, who has been showing up very often these days. His message confirms that change is happening but assures me that it is a miraculous move toward the light and that all of us will do well to remain open, giving and strong.

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