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Monday, September 12, 2011


Altars alter energy and empower people's lives. They are used by people of all faiths and may appear in permanent spaces or in temporary ones--including forest clearings and kitchen counter tops during the careful preparation of a delicious meal. Typical elements of altars include essential oil and incense burners, photographs and memorabilia of significant moments or people. Altars may also contain sculptures or artwork. Altars may be used as a focal point for meditation that is simply intended to clear the energy within a home, or altars may be places to center energy meant to manifest a specific purpose such as the release of negative relationships, success at new jobs, or passion in loving relationships.

As people change they may sometimes need to move or disassemble their altars. A friend of mine recently inquired about the proper procedure for doing this. As with most things, there is no set procedure. However, I have developed a few guidelines that may inspire you as you make altar-ations.

1. Light a white candle and anoint it with lavender oil to purify the environment. Give thanks to your altar for seeing you through the life experiences you've had so far.

2. State an intention for the future. It may go something like this: With a thankful heart, from this space I part. All are released to come with me or to stay and be free.

3. Gently wrap each element of your altar in cloth that has a special meaning for you. As you're doing this, burn sage and smudge each wrapped item.

4. Carefully pack up what you are taking with you. You may give away elements you don't wish to keep to people who may have some use for them. Alternatively, you may place the items that you are not keeping in a box and bury it in a place of personal significance. If you are moving to a new location, you may hide the box in a corner of your former home with a note blessing whomever finds it.

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